OXXG Valorant finishes 2nd overall in the Game Changers EMEA Series 2 tournament

Stephen Martinez
Sunday, October 31, 2021
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OXXG VALORANT finishes second in the second Game Changers EMEA tournament hosted by Riot Games. This finish positions OXXG as one of top women’s rosters in all of Europe, with the team posting a dominant performance throughout the majority of the tournament. OXXG Val defeated teams Peeposhy, Rix.GG Lightning, Chat Banned, and G2 Gozen on their way to the Grand Finals. During the Grand Final, the roster managed to take a 2-game series lead, but TENSTAR Nova was able to fight back and take the series 3-2 in a dramatic comeback. The upward trajectory of OXXG's finishes (3rd/4th in Game Changers 1, 2nd in Game Changers 2) presents promise for the third Game Changers tournament in late November.